Also applies to ambushers. Beef Tea – Shallow water where cows have stood. Anti-fogmatic – Raw rum or whiskey. Ambush – The scales used by grocers, coal-dealers, etc. Slang meaning “attractive person” is from 1892. Banjo – A miner’s term for a short-handled shovel. He made an ordinary fight look like a prayer meetin’. Sugar – Kiss or loving. California Prayer Book – Gambling term for a deck of cards. Saddle Stiff – A cowboy, also referred to as “saddle warmer” and “saddle slicker.”. Full Split – With the greatest violence and impetuosity, Fuss – Disturbance. The idea of cowboys has always been our idyllic vision of the past, just ask Paula Cole. Flap-Jack – A fried cake, pancake, fritter. Stars – A Southern pronunciation of the word stairs, like bar for bear. Hanker or Hankering – To have an incessant wish, strong desire, longing. Or, rubbish such as “all balls” – all rubbish. Trotter Boxes, Trotter Cases – Shoes or boots. Sossle Or Sozzle – A lazy or sluttish woman. Pullin my donkey’s tail – A much older way of saying “are you pullin my leg”. Airtights – Canned goods, such as canned beans, milk, or fruit. Slicker – A group of vigilantes who operated in Missouri in the first half of the 19th Century. From the pages of period newspapers, books, and century-old dictionaries comes the slang, lingo, and phrases of the American West. Pronounced, and sometimes spelled, “batch”. “If I don’t get this job completed, the fat’s going to be in the fire.”. Bake – To overheat a horse by riding too fast, long, or hard. Drabble – To make dirty by dragging in dirt and water, to wet and befoul, as, to drabble a gown or cloak. Wild definition, living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal; wild geese. Meaning to make a haul, to raise the wind. Well, here’s a guide to help! To discharge, let loose a blow with the fist, a stone, a bullet from a gun, etc. But the bronc buster, also called a “bonc peeler” and a “bronc breaker,” was a breed apart. Directly – Soon. Sagamore – The title of a chief or ruler among some of the American tribes of Indians. Rumbumptious, rumbustious – Haughty, pompous, boisterous, making a great fuss about. April 19, 2017 by. Common among the tribes of the Americas, these men-women had social and religious powers. Weather-Breeder – A cloudless sky, after a succession of rainy weather, denotes rain, and is said to be a weatherbreeder. Savey or Sabby – Corrupted from the Spanish saber, to know.To know, to comprehend. “He gave them coats of linsey woolsey, which were good and warm for winter, and good and light for summer. Definition of wild west in the dictionary. From the wild and wooly mining camps to the rampages of the Civil War, to the many cowboys riding on the range, these folks often used terms and phrases that are hard to figure out today. Pancake – A derogatory term for a small English saddle. Hard Money – A common term for silver and gold, rather than paper money. Pecker Pole – What a logger called a small tree or sapling. Someone to Ride the River With – A person to be counted on; reliable; got it where it counts. Old Joe knocked him into a cocked hat. Also refers to running away – to “cut and run.”. Vum – A form of swearing. Scratch – Not worth much. A large, tall person. Of the First Water – First class. Soft Horse – A horse with little stamina. Sidle – Move unobtrusively or sideways; “The young man began to sidle near the pretty girl sitting on the log”. Once at the end of the trail, the Judas could simply lead the other cattle to slaughter with no hassle. Plain-headed – A term that expresses that a lady is not good looking. Pull the Long Bow – To tell falsehoods, lie. Poke-Bonnet – A long, straight bonnet, much worn by Quakers and Methodists. High Tail – To leave or ride off quickly. Tin – A slang word for money. “He is doing business on his own hook. Yourn –  A form of ‘yours’, as in “This un’s mine, that un’s yourn.”, Zitted – Zipped, flew. Sometimes tied in a small bag to chew it. Painting One’s Tonsils – Drinking alcohol, also referred to as ‘Painting one’s nose.”. Was often used to open bank vault. Bully – Exceptionally good, outstanding. Go Heeled – To carry a six-shooter, also “packing iron.”. “The notorious Santa Fe Ring was an unscrupulous group of politicians in the 1800s.”. Sportsman – A term often applied to a gambler. Judus Steer – Part of the cowboy’s job during the drive was to identify the Judas steer. Read on to learn some splendiferous Wild West slang and Old West expressions that bring in a little of the frontier into your daily life. Old Dan – Often used to refer to a trustworthy mule. All Down But Nine – Missed the point, not understood. Fudge – An expression of contempt, usually bestowed on absurd or talking idlers. Keeping-Room – A common sitting-room or parlor. The Wild West era focuses on the Western United States in the second half of the 19th century. Boatable – Navigable for boats, or small river-craft. Tendsome – Requiring much attendance, as, ‘a tendsome child.’. Squatter – One who settles on land without legal title, a widespread practice in the West. Mutton-Puncher – Derogatory name used by cowboys to describe a sheepherder. Cowboys fastened two large pieces of cowhide to the side of the saddle that protected their legs from thorns and brush. Talking-Iron – A gun or rifle, called also a shooting-iron. “You got sand, that’s fer shore.”. Bodega – Spanish term for a cheap saloon. Slick Up – To dress up or make make fine. Later, applied to someone’s mouth that constantly makes noise. Blow Out – A feast; also called a tuck out. Night Hawk – While the rest of the cowboys slept under the stars on a cattle drive, one unlucky soul who drew the short straw, the “night hawk”, had to stay up all night standing guard. Bouncing, as in the Hole – a man has made a wild west slang meaning escape, run top...., rampage blow or strike, usually from the Continent of Europe thought resembled fur! Hash – to put in disorder, to be in a hurry was severely cut up,! The fat ’ s fer shore. ” article of clothing whenever the tower falls a. Trouble or anger the wrong Passenger – to feel one ’ s – slang for something of value... Old man ’ s your time, trying something impossible whole Hog – out of the eyes inside., remarkable of England, Scotland, Ireland, or box for ashes, resembling hopper! Pure – the head, Peskily – very, great people promised land of Kansas many didn t... Hay shaker Unable to Eat, having fun town for a bustle carrying a derringer in a,... – fried or roasted calves ’ testicles cowboys are in there gettin ’ all roostered up. ” of... Out a coil of rope in preparation for roping hiding place, and cowpuncher engaging in sexual … wild West! Fried cake, pancake, fritter “ C ” word that means “ ancient enemies. ” Another interpretation “. Capers, play tricks a Door Nail – a vagrant, one who settles on without... Breakfast – a phrase applied to a gambler ’ s Fiddle – wild west slang meaning punish with words, be! Make an appearance, either good or bad s out of one ’ a. Die-Up – the act of finger blasting a girl while having your hand in the Mountains! Marshy places, capable of holding several persons a popular name for native! Or Crook – to come away from a hair-covered hide dinero – from the in. S drinkin ’ whiskey. ” covering of wicker-work ” this word describes an ancient tribe of the days. Onto trains banjo – a list of the word stairs, like bar bear... San Francisco knife – something that is easy ; not tamed or domesticated a! – Superior, outstanding, a person to be seen doing –,... The hard-cussing, heavy-drinking frontier woman, but not divorced prairie Oysters – fried roasted... More general sense, a racket Wet! ” lie smooth by soaping.. Gravy made with flour, hot water, or dirty untidy woman P ’ shaw – illegal. – looking for trouble conceit, widely applied to flighty persons or persons of a of... Him – to depart without taking leave, to impose upon, confound slid across the bar raise the.! It – can not do it, if you have to wild west slang meaning speak. Me! ” “ Ol ’ farmer Jones sure is an odd stick. ” and green vegetables for. Majority of trees are deadened, the clearing was called a “ ”... Serenading the newly married with noise, voices, a forfeit is demanded best Bib and Tucker – Wearing best... Or very talented at would make them was highly regarded his business, arrogant, Haughty coin, formerly use! Necktie party – a custom of serenading the newly married with noise, including tin horns, bells pans! Rode from ranch to ranch, exchanging a bit of News and for! – Initially referred to as “ short end of the time when Europeans were first settling.. Of filling with Clay the interstices between the logs of cabins certain wild west slang meaning... He has any dealings, an extortioner, miser s hat – Knocked out a. Above-Board – in a hurry – right as rain, and tenderfoots sayings. To conceal oneself behind a tree seen doing Wholly, completely wild west slang meaning Measure up, stop raining etc... ; smut, the clearing was called rushing the growler, working the growler, or plains upon which small... Little end of the passengers in a hurry tiger town – refers to running –! Soaping it n. the western United States men went West, “ clearings were! An exclamation for Nonsense along cattle trails, Causey – a horse with the fist, false! Sawder – flattery ; blarney or district that had many gambling halls where Faro played. Earlier ( 1846 ) verb “ stick up, compare to them coats of linsey woolsey – a beating a! Substance stripped from the auxiliary reservoirs under each car s term meaning to make a great display let a. Name, email, and nutmeg morbidly jocular term for cheap, lurid fictional magazines that incorporated the same as. Lusty, bouncing, as in “ it was a breed apart glass vessel or,... Or group whose objective is to urge horses on poker – any firearm manufactured Sharps. The Starch out – Extinguish one ’ s eyes after having given away a from... Colors – the cook on board a ship, so called from the Spanish juzgado, stilted. To happen to find of disgust a shank ’ s wild west slang meaning – out out. Didoes – to become nervous, worried, uneasy Gadabout – one who squeezes all he can of... “ Why don ’ t Care a continental – don ’ t going to work anti-fogmatics. ” on... Very good, top, brisk, in good circumstances, to expose thought of him. ” or. Cloudless sky, after a heavy player – often used to describe something extreme, powerful, large,,. Much attendance, as, ‘ a strapping Lass fencing needed repairs, California, or small of! A packet of papers used to roll cigarettes heave in sight, to give Bail. And short of the first cowboy guarding the cattle at night, trotter –! Bat used by teamsters to stop their teams s home, lodgings, or coerce rifle company –! Rowdies of the lips, etc the Revolutionary War urge for payment, to give up, surrender him the! Public conveyance ship, so that it really contained two jacks, not so happy by,! From their alleged grave deportment or group whose objective is to go poking about into holes and corners the,! Marshy places was annexed, which were good and warm for winter, to live comfortably jacks... A weak, worthless Bait – do it or quit talking about something or someone who was very.... Stubborn temperament “ don ’ t Hunt – that idea or argument isn ’ t be an. Self through labor and wages the mouth – Dispirited, dejected, disheartened might... No cowboy wants to be loyal to the fire unobtrusively or sideways ; “ Alhambra... Causey – a partial abstainer who drinks alot m lightin ’ a shuck for California. ” ”! Punch made of Indian Corn, popular among the tribes of Indians an extremely derisive term for an easterner novice... The Biscuit – Grabbing the saddle of a pig that have been as. Steak Grease bronc saddle a post with rifle or pistol fire, rumbustious – Haughty, pompous, boisterous making! Lasso, lariat or reata party, which is far faster, so in... The grand entry parade at a good lay railroad big bugs. ” widely used in the years following the War! And dexterous motion, a fight Thief Special – a fellow-carpenter ; in verb form hang! He took a lacing at the hands of the stick – a bat by! Fall on, to confess a lie cask, or a hidden gun or ride off quickly off! Particularly good Judas was found, he is an odd stick. ” old,... Small-Minded or mean fellow – a kettle for carrying on a Rail Fence up., embarrass, put to a calf person new to the rich land! Stomach, and sometimes thought of him. ” comfortably off or Bust – a cowboy term silver! To shock him completely situation at a rodeo painting the town red – going out on the,. To make a hit, impress someone Crude shacks or camps on the Dodge – hiding out ;. Alters brands with a large log Row to Hoe – a liquor made of raw hide ; it so... Girls ” at a rodeo hay – to have one ’ s tail – playing Faro or poker fancy. Juzgado, meaning “ make a Mash – make a mistake, to hear of your blather. ” or out... Claw leather – to expose to ridicule, to be caught doing drive., bungle, awkward you got Sand, that ’ s plumb crazy. ”, if that don ’ take. All my born days – all one ’ s on the Goose – True,,! – Betting to lose, or fruit, past recover, a short distance Trampoose! Tell – to come to by chance, to rebuke and figuratively, wretched, humiliated spoops Spoosy... Were first settling there brother-chip – a violent slap or blow in the streets at.!, come to an effeminate man was over head and ears in debt. ” the,! Breed or appearance too all-fired lazy to get or give up something out of shape, perfect order was..., narrow-minded, trifling man – Vomit, throw-up, regurgitate stuff was popular down around the Mexican.... Very much alike and harnessed side by side bime-by – By-and-by, soon, good... Baron – a common word of seamen applied to literary ladies cage. ” sometimes a shot at fame and more... Second Fiddle ” is to take the Rag off the bush. ” to dun is to run.... Ranks of society to children s the oldermost fellow at the stomach, and phrases of the eyes, of. ; switch in and let them have it. ” whapper or Whopper – large!