No rating. 243 calories. 3 servings per container. 0 comments. This calculator will display the calories, fats, sugars and salt per slice based on information provided by Domino's UK. Use this information to help you to have a balanced diet whilst still enjoying your favourite pizza. Daily Goals. Calories. The serving size is equivalent to 100 grams of food and contains 145.53 calories from fat.This item is classified as fast foods foods. Per 1/3 Pizza: 380 calories; 11 g sat fat (55% DV); 900 mg sodium (39% DV); 3 g total sugars. nutrition grade C minus . Sodium 1,850g. See the Nutrition Facts panel below for protein, fats, sugar, and other nutrient values. This pepperoni pizza delivers on delicious every time… because IT'S NOT DELIVERY. DELISSIO Thin Crispy Crust Pepperoni Pizza is crispier than ever – with its thin crust topped by juicy pepperoni and creamy part-skim mozzarella. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Thin Crust Pizza with Meat including 1 surface inch and 1 oz. The toppings on a pizza are often what tips it over the edge into unhealthy … Marco's - Medium - Thin Crust - Pepperoni Pizza. Serving Size 1 slice: Calories: 210 Calories From Fat : 90 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value* Total Fat: 10g 15% Saturated Fat: 4.5g 23% Trans Fat: 0.0g Cholesterol: 25mg 8% Sodium: … Cholesterol 270g. A thinner crust means that there are fewer calories, less salt, less sodium, and less fat. You can adjust the slider to change the food quantity. Calculating the calories in their thin-crust version pizza, for one 8 oz. This post contains affiliate links. Keto: net carbs 30g If you are following a ketogenic diet (keto), you need to restrict your daily carbohydrate intake so that your body enters ketosis. 450 / 2,300g left. You can adjust the slider to change the food quantity. For most people, this means less than 50 net carbs per day. Slices of premium pepperoni over real mozzarella cheese delivers the perfect flavor for those looking for pizza that’s made better to taste better. Comprehensive nutrition resource for Weis Quality Thin Crust Pizza, Pepperoni. The Pepperoni Pizza on the Mazzio’s Pizza menu with the highest amount of calories are Pepperoni Bread (495 calories), Pepperoni Quesapizza (332 calories) and Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza … There are 254 calories (equivalent to 1063kJ) per 100 grams of Pizza With Pepperoni, From School Lunch, Thin Crust. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified sales. Now, this fact only works when you compare a thin and thick crust pizza with identical toppings, sauce, and cheese. Step 1. Thoughtful Portion: Enjoy a portion of DiGiorno original thin crust pizza with a fresh green salad and great company! : Calorie breakdown: 46% fat, 39% carbs, 15% protein. Mmm…protein. Use the Domino's Calorie Counter to easily learn how many calories and macro nutrients are in your Domino's pizza. 365 by Whole Foods Market. Red Baron Thin and Crispy Pepperoni Pizza Per pizza : 1,170 calories, 60 g fat (30 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 3,030 mg sodium, 114 g carbs (6 g fiber, 27 g sugar), 45 g protein Red Baron's thin crust pies aren't actually worse than the classic crust options. Conventional Oven Instructions. And don't have a cow - we didn't skimp on the 100% real Wisconsin cheese. LET'S COOK. The thick crust version tipped the scales at 8. Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza. An average slice of thin crust pepperoni pizza has 258 calories. 230 Cal. 174 calories. Compare. There are 12g of protein in 100g of Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin Pepperoni. Calories per serving of Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (Thin Crust) 140 calories of Boboli Thin Pizza Crust, (1 serving) 41 calories of mozzarella cheese (2% milk), (0.17 cup) 19 calories of Olive Oil, (0.01 cup) 13 calories of Tomato Sauce, (0.17 cup) 12 calories of Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, (0.17 serving) 5 calories of Onions, raw, (0.08 cup, chopped) 3 calories of Green Peppers (bell peppers), (0.08 cup, strips) No … About this page: Calories of THIN CRUST PEPPERONI PIZZA, UPC: 041497027538; The calories and nutrients calculator answers questions like these: How many nutrients (amino acids, lipids, minerals, proximates and vitamins) in a selected food per given weight? The total number of calories … Nutritional Info . FRESCHETTA ® Thin Crust Five Cheese Pizza. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. There are 280 calories in 1/6 pizza (105 g) of Delissio Thin Crust Pepperoni. Cooking Instructions → FIND IN STORE. 365 by Whole Foods Market. With Jack's Original Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza, meat lovers get 2 delicious toppings across on crispy crust. IT’S DIGIORNO. 17 % 10g Protein. We've essentially swapped carbs common in traditional pizza crust for protein. Most of those calories come from fat (43%) and carbohydrates (40%). 0.5 pizza (200g) Nutrition Facts. Learn about the number of calories and nutritional and diet information for Weis Quality Thin Crust Pizza, Pepperoni. Log food: Domino's Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza … The Pepperoni Pizza on the Mazzio’s Pizza menu with the lowest amount of calories are Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza (202 calories), Pepperoni Quesapizza (332 calories) and Pepperoni Bread (495 calories). Nutritional Compass: Nestle - Good food, good life. Log Food. Nutrition Facts for Topco Associates Inc. - Multigrain Ultra Thin Crust Uncured Pepperoni Pizza With Mozzarella White Cheddar Parmesan And Romano Cheeses Uncured Pepperoni - Get a bar chart of the top 10 nutrients, and click to see an expanded list of over 151 nutrients, including amino acids. Crafted with our signature sauce and loaded with real mozzarella cheese and delicious pepperoni. Explanations. Log food: President's Choice Loads of Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza. For example, one slice of Domino’s ExtravaganZZa Feast pizza (368 calories) has 75 percent more calories than Domino’s Crunchy Thin Crust Cheese pizza (209 calories). Compare. There are 180 calories in a 1 slice serving of Panago Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza. Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate values for for Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza and other related foods. The result is a pizza everyone can enjoy. Uncured Pepperoni Rising Crust Pizza, 22.1 oz. Net carbs are calculated by subtracting fiber from … There are 210 calories in a Medium Thin 'n Crispy Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut. *The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Search queries for calories in Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin Pepperoni: pepperoni pizza, pizza with pepperoni, frozen pizza, thin crust pizza, stonebaked pizza, goodfellas. Uncured Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza, 13.3 oz. Unlike other pizzas, Quest ® Thin Crust Pizza has a special crust, rich in protein. 230 / 2,000 cal left. Because we believe that life is better when you can feed your cravings. How many total calories (calories from carbohydrates, fats and proteins) in a selected food per given weight? Find a Pizza. Serving size 1/3 Pizza (143g) Amount per serving. 24 % 14g Carbs. Largely because it’s a flour based crust that’s like real-deal thin and crispy pizza crust. You may also like . Ingredients Multigrain Crust (Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil [Canola Oil, Pure Olive Oil], Flaxseed, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Whole Oat Flour), Sauce (Tomato Puree [Water, Tomato Paste], Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Garlic*, Onion*), Low-Moisture Mozzarella Cheese (Pasteurized Whole Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Uncured Pepperoni No Nitrates or Nitrites Added Except Those … Other User Submitted Calorie Info Matching: Pizza Hut Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza Hut Thin Crust Pepperoni & Onion Pissa-Slice (1 serving) Calories: 200 , Fat: 8g , Carbs: 22g , Protein: 9g 15 / 67g left. There are 273 calories in a Pepperoni Extramostbestest Thin Crust Pizza from Little Caesars. JACK'S Original Thin Sausage & Pepperoni Frozen Pizza. 360 Calories Per Serving. Choose carefully. Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves what's in pizza. Little Caesars Pepperoni Extramostbestest Thin Crust Pizza Nutrition Facts. 360 … 1 slice (1/8 pizza) Nutrition Facts. Pizza, Pepperoni, Ultra Thin Crust Rich traditional tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, and zesty pepperoni. NUTRITION FACTS: With the same great taste and mouthwatering toppings as our regular Thin Crust pizzas, it’s perfect for lunch or as a snack!