You will often find a feisty bass on the end of it. But even this twitch or skating action needs to be done under control. They keep you dry and warm so that you can focus on fishing. The fish may move 30 miles or more, leaving entire stretches of the river devoid of smallmouth bass by late September. As an example, anglers can wade portions of New York's North Branch, with its gently sloping gravel bottoms — and below Binghamton, they can fish from bass boats. I tried using steel leader but I have a hard time casting it when fishing from my float tubes, so I don’t use it. But there are essential adaptations that need to be made to ensure you are safe and successful on the water. Rivers being rivers, you’ll likely encounter off-color water after a summer rainstorm. How is your friends doing with the new fly rod? The entire process is great fun and can be a more than satisfying relief from targeting finicky trout or … This is where large tungsten beads and thin diameter fluorocarbon tippets come in. A short cast with a controlled drift is much more effective than a long cast with tons of drag. For more smallmouth bass fishing education, check out these two fantastic books: But barring that, most rocky streams or lakes north of the Tennessee River, especially … With "Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth", Bob Clouser offers a follow-up to his excellent book Clouser's Flies, this time taking us on the stream and letting the reader pick the mind of an experienced and highly knowledgeable angler. Now, what is the difference between a river and a small stream, as discussed in my previous article? How To Fly Fish For Salmon River Smallmouth Bass Fishing. How To Fly Fish For Bonefish I have another good fishing buddy. As almost all things in life are relative, so also is the term a river. Gearing up for spring smallmouths is pretty easy, and most trout gear will work fine. Bass tend to be more aggressive in dirty water, and … Share your experience below in the comments section. I guess I should wait until I’ve had more than one coffee this early. If you can’t see the bass, work structures such as fallen trees, rock faces, and weed beds. Fly Fishing in Portugal I find this is necessary every half dozen fish or so…. Rainbow trout are widespread and take flies readily. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you caught smallmouth “accidentally” … Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: in Rivers and Streams If you are a fly fisherman who fishes for smallmouth bass, please leave your feedback about your preferences and any smallmouth bass fly fishing tips that you may have. But perhaps some of the most overlooked structure is the bottom formation. It’s hard to give you a complete crash course on dry fly fishing a river in a single section. Best Breathable Waders He just bought one last year near the end of the season so we are looking forward to getting him a big ole smallie on the fly this year. Although many techniques are shared between small streams and rivers, each is adapted in a particular manner. Fly Fishing for smallmouth bass in September and October on the Shenandoah River can be rewarding with the right flies and tactics plus this is the time of the year we catch the biggest bass. It’s an extensive topic, but I narrowed it down to the basics. Best Wading Boots The Size of the Fly Fishing Rod to Use Using the right rod is important whether fishing in creeks or rivers. Fluoro will help out in several ways, but of the greatest importance is the abrasion resistance that it provides. He’s 65 and has never used a fly rod. Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Rivers can be a whole new world of fishing for you if you’ve never tried it and have stuck to trout fishing. While browsing bookshelves one day, Harry Murray, struck a […] Best Chest Waders In this fly fishing guide, I’ll share with you valuable tips and techniques on how to get started on river fishing. Structure may be found in the form of a rock or boulder, bank, and a fallen tree stump. I’ve been fly fishing for over 20 years, most of which have been on a river. You are constantly searching for structure like riffles, pools, back eddies, and boulders where fish might be hanging out. Tie your nymphs with as little bulk as possible and in varying weights with tungsten beads ranging from 3 – 4.5mm. If you’re fishing a strong river, always fish with a fellow angler, and don’t feel ashamed of using a wading stick. There are two different things I try this time of year to entice the bass to take, and both work quite well. They also take dry flies and nymphs well, but perhaps the most rewarding manner to target brown trout is using huge streamers. Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Big Water vs. Small Rivers Streams and river have currents making it easier to find smallmouth. One of my favorite methods is to work structure. Why? This guide will introduce you to the basics of fly fishing from a boat. Trout hold in slight indentations and depressions in the riverbed. Even better, if you’re fishing large rivers frequently, I recommend you invest in a high-quality submersible backpack, hip pack, or sling bag. Fly Fishing for Bass. If there is any piece of fishing equipment that is a. He has extensive knowledge on specific gear and tackle selection for various salt- and freshwater species. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It will help fishing some of the tight spots bass are in, and it will also help guard against sandpaper-like teeth. Look for structure, current differences, and small pools and work each section at a time. Everything you should know about fishing a wet fly including the best patterns, techniques, casts, seasons, and more. How To Fly Fish For Tarpon I tied a short length of braid to my leader and don’t seem to get any more cut line than any other fishing. If the conditions are fair and the area isn’t overfished, rainbow trout will take a well-presented fly. Quite honestly, if any fly is moving through the water, a bass will probably hit it this time of year! Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Rivers, Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: in Rivers and Streams. Proposing to name the best smallmouth streams in the Ozarks is a surefire way to start a heated conversation. Images of the movie “A River Runs Through It” seem to fit this scenario. This means that a fly you’re presenting to a fish should do the same. Build a two-tone monofilament section into your leader. Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: in Rivers and Streams. Please see our Privacy Page for more information. My friend Jamie, a school vice principal, and I have a few rivers here in New Brunswick Canada we fish for smallmouth bass. Gaining knowledge of the area you intend to fish beforehand will help you catch more and larger fish. How To Fly Fish For Steelhead These bags will not only keep valuables safe but also prevent other items like jackets and food from getting wet. Fly fishing for smallmouth bass from my Coosa HD kayak - Kayak Fishing - Duration: 7:30. Those small teeth will slowly grind down your tippet, eventually causing it to fail. How To Fly Fish For Trout Looking to fly fish different species of fish? With Trident,  you get all of that, plus great customer support from real, professional anglers who can help you shop for the best gear. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you caught smallmouth “accidentally” but maybe you aren’t targeting them specifically. … Best Brook Trout Flies: A Guide To Productive Brook Trout Patterns. Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth: in Rivers and Streams: Bob, Clouser: 0011557001730: Books - Pierre is a fly fishing guide and professional photographer who has guided and hosted trips for top fly fishing outfitters. What makes this type of structure so effective is that the current that flows over them also hides them as the riverbed is distorted. Take some time to learn about smallmouth habitat and where they like to feed and then follow the advice of this great articles by our friends over at Orvis on how to fly fish for smallmouth bass in Spring. This indicator section will allow you to spot your leader and detect takes quickly. You’ll never be spammed by us. Bass in Rivers, Selecting the Best Fly Rod, Reel and Line. Once again, as important as controlling the drag is for dry fly fishing, it’s of the utmost importance when fishing with nymphs. When most people think of fly fishing they’re imagining a lone angler standing in the middle of a river targeting trout or salmon. Everything you need to know about fly fishing stoneflies including when to use stonefly patterns, what fish to target, where they work & more. Woolly Buggers and Zonkers in a wide variety of colors are some of the most productive flies, with black, olive, and chartreuse as some of my favorites. Best Cheap Waders Bob Clouser designed his Deep Minnow specifically for smallies, and it is worth having a variety of colors of those, as well, but especially chartreuse-and-white, pink-and-white, and olive-and-white. The Erratic Action Of This Blade Bait Drives Smallmouth Wild, Kevin Van Dam and Casey Martin Find Success Spybaiting. An angler’s guide to wet fly fishing. Smallmouth fishermen are a dedicated lot. A well stocked streamer box will be all that you need to chase these bass. Left: Largemouth bass. I’m talking about sensitive electronic equipment like cameras, cellphones, and car keys. Casey and I haven’t matched up a day of fishing with a NON windy day yet so he still hasn’t used his fly rod. We review and recommend the gear, and you can shop with confidence and security on the Trident Website with free shipping on almost all orders and satisfaction guarantees on almost all products. Like largemouth bass, they love structure, so target sunken boulders, logs, and other debris, along with riffles, undercut banks, and back eddies. Regardless, you can’t go wrong fishing these streams. If you want to learn more about fly fishing, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for updates on the best fishing destinations, the newest fly gear, useful casting techniques and much more. Before becoming a full-time guide, he worked as an Electrical Engineer in South Africa. Smallmouth bass fly fishing gets in your blood if you like fish that eat. Regulations vary from lake to lake or river to river. Fly fishing Virginia’s Shenandoah River Valley offers excellent angling surrounded by incredible historic sites. “They will start moving and transition in pockets or some of the holes getting ready for the wintertime,” Smith said. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Your email address will not be published. Fly fishing for smallmouth in rivers. Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass The techniques in this guide will allow you to approach a river in the right way. When fall arrives smallmouth bass on Smith’s home waters start to migrate from the head of the faster water towards the lower section of the swift water en route to their winter holes. Fly Fishing On Rivers: A Guide To River Fishing. Smallmouth bass will hurl themselves into the air trying to smash your popper, or they will sip it down like a breath mint. Looking for fly fishing destinations around the world? How To Fly Fish For Carp The fly rod I like for most of my smallmouth bass fly fishing is 9 feet long that balances with a seven weight line. Apart from fly selection, entomology, and matching the hatch, I would like to briefly discuss the most critical aspect of all – controlling the drift. Best Hip Waders Fly Fishing From A Boat: A Guide To Boat Fishing, Fly Fishing Stoneflies: How To Fish Stoneflies Effectively, Wet Fly Fishing: How To Catch More Fish With Wet Flies. Fly Fishing in Chile This is especially effective in deeper water. I like to fish this fly in Size 6 in the traditional yellow/olive color. They are so wild and strong and a reel blast on the fly rod. Easy! It doesn’t matter if you strapped Keira Knightley’s hair to the hook; trout won’t eat your fly consistently if the drift is incorrect. I’ve been fly fishing for over 20 years, most of which have been on a river. As mentioned earlier, trout hold around structure, so casting a stream into fish-holding spots and giving the fly some life will induce great takes. Assuming the Grande Ronde isn’t flooding (my usual cutoff for “fishable” is when the river is under 2,000 cfs as the gauging station in Troy), late May and early June are when you will … The small shallow rivers tend to be the best for smallmouth bass fishing. Speaking about waders, always wear waders when you’re fishing in cold rivers. Fly Fishing in Canada They hold to structure and readily eat nymphs, dry flies, and streamers. It is as defeating as drag in … Follow my advice, and I’m sure that you’ll start seeing the results on your next day out on a river. Nothing beats the fun and excitement of seeing a five, pound smallmouth come up from the bottom of a clear water stream and crash an imitation of a frog on the surface. Smallmouth bass are aggressive predators. As rivers cool below 57 degrees, dramatic changes in smallmouth bass behavior occur. Alexandria Chain of Lakes: Near Alexandria lies a chain of lakes including Lake Carlos, Carling, Geneva, Le Homme Dieu, and Victoria. In this scenario, twitching or skating the fly over the water’s surface is ideal. Arriving on a large river and devising an approach plan is quite daunting. TWRA is managing the smallmouth bass fishery for quality fishing and larger smallmouth bass. Beyond his native waters, the lessons Bob offers in this book can be directly applied to smallmouth fisheries across the country, from creeks to large rivers. For instance, if you want to tight line nymph a small stream, you’re probably going to use flies with beads in size 2 – 3mm range. The single word “large.”. If you’re wading, this term means that you’ll be working against a current the whole day. Right: smallmouth bass. This method allows you to work methodically, which will catch you more fish. The three most essential aspects of nymphing in fast water are to be able to see your leader, to get the flies down to where the fish are, and to control drag. Since being introduced to fly fishing over 21 years ago, he has travelled, fished and guided across the globe. Required fields are marked *. In slower pools, it’s possible to cast upstream and bring the fly back towards you at a frantic pace. Then the fly is stripped back to you. Come fly fish some of the best smallmouth waters in the Southeast. The Susquehanna is one of the nation's most accommodating smallmouth rivers. Learn how your comment data is processed. An excellent example of this is skating caddis adults that almost dance on the water’s surface. What Makes Fly Fishing on a River Different? All the techniques, the way you approach the stretch of water, and even the fish you might catch look pretty similar to small stream fishing. The primary purpose is to reduce the frustrations heading your way and to keep you safe. They use the cover of structure to preserve energy and just come out into the current to pick something to eat. The easiest way to find smallmouth bass is to ask at a local fly shop. The best way, I’ve found, is to break the river up into smaller sections.