Lists. 11 - Lucas Patchett sees a positively connected community. This article is a review of the effects that ingested dietary fiber has on gastrointestinal transit time. It’s a way of interacting with our world in a mindful, natural way. This season my co-host, Jodie Wallis of Accenture, and I interview guests including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Joelle Pineau of the Facebook AI Research Lab, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and many others about the challenges and benefits of AI adoption in Canada. There are podcast subscription apps available for nearly every smartphone, and these make the process even easier. Rashford takes on the government – again: Politics Weekly podcast Jessica Elgot is joined by Rafael Behr to talk about a week of confusion over lockdown rules and free school meals. We gather around it. It’s been a crazy year. Here we are in mid-December… 2020 is almost finished; a year where we became accustomed to things like 'self-isolation' and 'social distancing'.Did you know that the Australian National Dictionary Centre’s word of the year was ‘iso’? Podcasts may include music, comedy, sports and philosophy -- even people's rants and raves. The Overview Effect is the cognitive shift astronauts experience when viewing Earth from space; where the way they see the world changes and they come back to Earth profoundly connected to … Romans 6 overview: effects of justification. That could be donating to Orange Sky (who by the way this month have all donations matched dollar for dollar so you double your impact), or any other number of charities or groups helping others. Once you get more comfortable fiddling around with pieces of audio inside your editing software though, you might begin to get a little more adventurous. The decomposers of our world. We’ve had this year of pause. It’s full of stories from Orange Sky on the road, about how these two guys started this crazy journey, and it's full of optimism about how we can help and support each other to stay connected.Please enjoy this chat with Co-founder of Orange Sky and former Young Australian of the year, Lucas Patchett OAM.See for privacy information. Integrations. 12 - Julian Mitchell sees through the lens of the fungi kingdom, Taking an 'overview effect' of Xmas, and 2020 episode reflections, 11 - Lucas Patchett sees a positively connected community, 10 - Helena Norberg-Hodge sees a localized and ancient future, 9 - Oliver Costello sees cultural connections through fire, 8 - Geoff Lawton sees permaculture as a revolution of thought. Where panic buying was shamed and our purchasing choices were restricted for the common good. Space philosopher and author Frank White discusses the impact of looking down at the Earth from above, and how it can create a shift in the way astronauts view … Featured Episodes. )I then reflect on the incredible guests I've had on the show so far, and give a brief glimpse into some VERY exciting stuff planned for 2021.Thank you to everyone for listening and supporting the show so far this year. And so much more.Thank you for enjoying the show.Keep the good vibes rollin' by hitting subscribe and sharing on instagram.Cheers,JamesSee for privacy information. The A Sound Effect Podcast is the world’s first podcast dedicated to sound effects. It features exclusive interviews on the sound for film and games that make an impact right now, highlights independent sound effects creators and sound effects libraries - and groundbreaking new trends in the sound community. In fact, I may never know how many sales I can tie back to my podcast or how many email subscribers I gained from the recordings. Don’t Fight A Fever. We talk about the importance of localization and 'Big Picture Activism'. Geoff is a world-renowned permaculture designer and teacher. My intention with these conversations is to bring you a unique perspective. Podcasts. And that was WITH things like Facetime calls, Netflix accounts, and food delivered to our door.Even with all of those things we still experienced hardship. Where we all said we were going to support local. Two theologians walk into a bar... No, seriously: This podcast is about the real world of politics and current events, seen through the lens of Catholic teaching and spirituality. It's a philosophy. Keep the good vibes rollin' by hitting subscribe and sharing on instagram.Cheers!PS - I considered releasing this episode to fall in NAIDOC week but I decided against it for two reasons... One, to allow what (little) space and airtime this podcast uses to be taken up by indigenous platforms; Two, to keep the conversations around Aboriginal culture going after NAIDOC week finished. The nutrient cyclers. Episode from the podcast Overview Effect with James Perrin. We connect over it. 0293: Joel 2: New Year 2021. Romans 6 Overview: Effects Of Justification and 113 more episodes by Dr Sam's Sermons, free! Specializing in Visual Effects, 3D Animation & Video Editing. Listen on Apple Podcasts. See for privacy information. It's been such a fun project to launch; it's still very early days, and I really look forward to bringing you some great content in the new year.Cheers! Someone who feels disconnected from society on a daily basis? On… To hear from someone who maybe sees things a bit diff…. Someone who doesn’t even know where or if they’re going to sleep safely that night?The fact of the matter is that 116,000 people in Australia sleep homeless every night. Music clips and effects are especially useful for episodes structured like stories. 1The A Sound Effect Podcast. The world may be a very different place since the end of season 4, but there’s plenty in store this season to distract, entertain, and enlighten you. Podcast statistics and conversions are just harder to track by nature. But more than that, Firesticks brings together indigenous people and puts them back on country, and back practicing their cultural ceremonies.There’s something special about fire that brings us together. This is an obscene and saddening amount of money, especially when there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who don't know where their next meal is coming from, or even have the ability to go to a clean and sanitary toilet each day.Enter Helena Norberg-Hodge.Helena is an internationally renowned author, filmmaker, and philosopher, and is the Founder and Director of Local Futures. Morning Edition Weekend Edition Saturday Weekend Edition Sunday All Things Considered My intention with these conversations is to bring you a unique perspective. The intention is certainly not that we stop and wait until next year to cherish and learn from the world's oldest living civilisation!See for privacy information. Can you believe it was over a year ago that the Black Summer of bushfires in Australia started? One thing that having a podcast is definitely good for is networking and building relationships with readers. In the meantime, here’s a trailer to give you read more… 3. And I think as a broader society, that’s what we’re doing. Here’s our guide to finding podcast sound effects. 1.7 minutes to read This article is at least a year old. And many of us are reconsidering the way in which we want to live, where, and how, and with who, and doing what.This is how Geoff sees the world every day.Geoff graciously invited me to his home at Zaytuna Farm where we discussed managing landscapes (of course), the importance of diversity on a grand scale, natural systems and about how we as humans have no idea what’s truly going on (as much as we like to think we do), and about the sense of wonder that 4 year olds have and how we can get that back through connecting with Nature.. and just so much more.Thank you so much for supporting the show. The basic process is to record your podcast as normal, and then in Audacity you can insert the sound effects or songs on a separate track and then mix down to a single file again. Look at the Apple Podcast charts on any given day and you’ll likely see a few inside the top 10. Well, I can guarantee this episode's guest fits that bill perfectly. To hear from someone who sees things a bit differently. She tells her story of how she entered Ladakh in Tibet when it was first opened up to outsiders, and how she witnessed first hand its transition from a thriving, self-sufficient, cultural community, to one that felt the impacts of globalisation, commercialisation, and materialism.She has produced and directed the award winning documentary 'The Economics of Happiness', which further tells the story of the issues of economic globalisation. In the news cycle we get bombarded with, we can almost lose touch with these once-in-a-lifetime events.Last week was also NAIDOC week here in Australia, and it was so great to see so many indigenous voices and platforms over the week and the support from a wide range of the general public.So in a beautiful harmony of those two topics, today's guest is Oliver Costello.Oliver is a Bundjalung man who started Firesticks Alliance, a not-for-profit that uses cultural indigenous fire practices to maintain landscapes and keep a balanced ecosystem. Here we are in mid-December… 2020 is almost finished; a year where we became accustomed to things like 'self-isolation' and 'soci…. Learn about the effects library and get tips on which types of effects to apply in various situations in Audition. Well, I can guarantee this episode's guest fits that bill perfectly.He sees the world though the beautiful and complex web of the fungi kingdom.Fungi. Season 5 officially launches next Tuesday, 10th November. Search for: Subscribe to Uncertainty Principle. James builds upon his background as a chemical engineer who has been at the forefront of the good business/B-Corp movement in Australia, and as someone who has launched not-for-profit initiatives and given countless public talks on environmentalism and ethical business. 0292. Now... we're being told to 'buy buy buy' because there are 'deals deals deals!'. Podcast listeners listen to podcasts more than anything else, according to new data from Edison Research’s Share of Ear®. All our episodes are viewable in High Definition 800p, the new HD standard for video tutorials. My intention with these conversations is to bring you a unique perspective. Listen to 0292. They help punctuate key moments as you go through the beginning, middle, and end, and add extra emotion to your interviews. Francis Effect podcast. I’m excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of The AI Effect podcast. Julian Mitchell is the Co-Founder & CEO of Life Cykel, which started out as a mushroom farming business but has now quickly grown into a cutting edge mushroom biotechnology company.On top of being well and truly in this magical mushroom kingdom, he’s also a future-focussed entrepreneur who truly sees the power of ethical business as a means of improving our world.In this conversation he shares the Life Cykel origin story, about how he went from being a sports physio in the English Premier League, to growing mushrooms out of coffee waste, to being on the forefront of fungi biotech.We talk about the role that good businesses can play in society, and the importance of transparency, localization, and redefining success as not monetary return but positive impact on the world.And of course, we talk ALL things fungi and get into the woods on its potential uses.

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