How to say Tibetan in English? To counteract our bad actions, one thing we can do is to engage in wholesome spiritual practices, like reciting mantras, or making offerings or prostrations. It is also paving a better way for students. The teacher’s training workshop was organised by the Office of Tibet, Washington DC. In Tibet they have a proverb which states that goodness speaks in a whisper, but evil shouts. During the month before Losar, Tibetan households draw the eight auspicious symbols and other signs on walls with white powder. Lhasang: When I was in Class 8 in school, the English language teacher had a habit of making us write a composition. They say that the Tibetan Govt are paying large sums on education! Forced assimilation. "I'm very lucky to be teaching students from all over China's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau," Stuart said in an e-mail to China Daily. And though Chinese authorities publicly say they want students to learn both Chinese and Tibetan, one official working in the TAR said he expects the government to introduce a policy formally mandating that elementary schools in the region switch to Chinese-language instruction. My own teacher used to go on violent tirades, screaming, turning red in the face, literally frothing sometimes -- he was not beyond smacking whoever was handy -- and it was more or less in the same vein as Tsem Tulku's criticism of mindless ass-kissing and We're So Holy. Limited in perception to a world projected by these patterns, we do not and cannot see things as they are. You'll have to whisper; otherwise you'll disturb people who are trying to listen to the concert. Its elaborate writing system and tongue-tying pronunciation make Tibetan – or ‘pö ke’, in its native form – something of a beautiful mystery. The 10th Panchen Lama, who died in 1989, was a leader of great stature who is revered by Tibetans of my generation for the work he did in seeking to protect our language, our religious and cultural identity.

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