Being true to your emotions can’t help but make you feel better about yourself, for you’re able to be authentic. Sharing your feelings is important for your mental health because it allows you to give yourself a break. Sharing those feelings with someone you trust can take a weight off your shoulders and allow you to relax. Saying how you feel is something you can learn how to … Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself can eventually cause damage and cause you to become stressed, anxious and upset. When you are feeling very intense feelings — especially fear, aggression or anxiety — your amygdala is running the show. We’re too busy to check in with ourselves sometimes and to talk to others about how you feel and how they’re doing. However, it’s now more important than ever to pay attention and to be present at the moment with yourself and with others. More like this Here's How To Feel Excited About Your … Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness. Why it’s important to talk to your kids about feelings during Covid-19 We at Chalk and Chakras are big fans of Brighter Fun Animal Chat , a card game to help kids share more how they feel. It’s part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy. In addition, it’s about translating your feelings into words and creating bridges based on respect and assertiveness. Why do I need to talk about how I feel? Emotions tell us exactly what we need to hear (even if sometimes it’s not what we necessarily want to hear). Learning why you have trouble expressing your feelings can go a long way into changing that behavior. Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences influence the way you feel about yourself. Feelings are important indicators. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to share your feelings. Higher self-esteem. This is a powerful step towards creating the ability to be happy and to create happiness for yourself in your relationships and in your life. Even just talking to your partner about why it's hard to talk about your feelings is a great first step. When you talk about your emotions — either out loud or in your own head — you begin to understand what you are feeling and why you’re feeling it. Furthermore, it’s also about being in tune with your needs while remaining sympathetic to other people’s needs. When we choose to bury our feelings, we act differently. You’re also better able to hold arguments and talk through your feelings. Being in touch with our emotions (AKA emotional intelligence) is important because our feelings are important indicators for what’s happening in life. Through this process of deep uncovering you can gain self-knowledge. Why it's important to talk about your feelings 20 May 2020 20 May 2020 It's Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 from 18th - 24th May and is a moment for the UK to focus on mental health. When we talk about this dimension of our personality, it’s common to focus our interest on children. By talking about your feelings and uncovering the emotions beneath them you get to know yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone. In reality, your brain and body get a lot out of talking.

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